about us

  1. As a child I always Was very created spirit especially with jewelry. Creating has always been my happy place and is my spiritual calming place. I have always been attracted to stones and crystals in my earlier work but had no idea what they meant or why I would be so drawn to create with certain crystals and stones. In my late teens my mother became very ill and I copped with this with prayer and creating. I became increasingly drawn to obsidian amethyst and quartz during this time. I began researching these crystal and learn about many of their meanings and healing properties. I began to learn more about more stones and their many qualities and began creating pieces for myself and family to get us through those trying times. Today I take that same love and passion in creating every product. I am very passionate about how each piece looks and how they will make you feel, and the assumed healing properties.I hope you find items that stand out to you and it bring you the desired aesthetic and purpose.